Welcome to the Pool!

This year we are going to have an ever-changing set of rules as restrictions from COVID are modified. To help keep you up-to-date, we have added information to this page and will update as things change so you are always in the know!

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Pool Passes

All residents are required to have a pool pass to enter the pool. Please make sure you are ready by checking that: 

  • All passes have a bar code (picture to the right). Picture passes are no longer usable.

  • All family members, even those under 2, have a pool pass.

  • New passes are ordered no later than May 1st. 

  • If you have passes, renew them before May 15th.

  • If you need replacement passes, order them by May 1st. 

You can apply for or renew your passes here!

COVID Changes

While nothing is set in stone, these are all the changes we anticipate will happen this year. Please check back as these will likely change as we learn more and requirements change.

  • Capacity will be limited to 50 individuals or 10 groups at a time, whichever is least.

  • Only 2 guests per household will be permitted at a time.

  • The pool will operate on an alternating cycle of 1.5 hours open and 30 minutes closed for required cleaning. 

  • No furniture will be provided but residents may bring their own.

  • All households will be required to sign up electronically PRIOR to arrival.

  • No food or drink will be permitted. Only exceptions are transparent water bottles, baby bottles, and medically necessary items.



About Our Pool

Exeter has a beautiful swimming pool that is sure to cool you down on even the hottest August day! With an Olympic size pool, we have the largest in Leesburg. And the pool is complete with features, including a sandy beach slope for the young ones, a waterfall mushroom, a gigantic shade umbrella, eating areas, a wading toddler pool, 3 lap lanes, lounge chairs, lots of tables, a friendly life guard hut, lots of shady umbrellas, a beautiful pool house equipped with sinks and showers, and a beautiful pergola. 

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