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October 2019 Update

October 2019


  • GRASS SEEDING: Over the next two weeks the landscaping management company will be reseeding all common area grasses. Please make sure to pull all vehicles back from the curb by at least 1 foot, so as not to cover any grass areas, during this time so that common areas can be accessed. Also, please make sure to place trash cans on pavement only.

  • POND WORK IN PROGRESS: The initial work on the storm water management pond is well underway. At this stage, contractors are assessing, testing, and doing baseline research on the pond, topography, tree cover, and other important factors for this project. In the last few weeks, contractors have been marking off areas that are being measured. Please do not remove or disturb these markers. VERY IMPORTANT, this week another contractor will be doing electrical resistivity testing. Please do not enter the pond area, stay behind fences, and do not go near any water or equipment that may be there.


  • Fall Festival- CANCELED: Unfortunately, we do not have enough volunteers or support to host this event. If interested in joining the Events Committee, please email us at hoa@exeterhoa.com.


  • Landscaping Committee: October 13, 10 am

  • Architectural Review Board: October 17, 7 pm

  • Board of Directors: October 24, 7 pm


  • BUDGET ANNOUNCEMENT: Exeter Homeowners Association has announced that the budget for 2020 has been approved and incorporates a 5% increase to all homeowners dues. Rates will be $59.43 for single family homes, $99.42 for townhomes, and $27.11 for Fox Chase. Exeter's rates are still 15% less than other comparable HOA's in Leesburg. Please see the full budget here.

  • MEETING CHANGES: Heads up! There are changes to regularly scheduled meetings coming up. The Board of Directors will meet on December 5 at 7 p.m. as a joint November-December meeting. No other meetings (Landscaping, Pool, or ARB) will be held in December.

  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN: Please remember to be careful and vigilant as our little spooky residents go trick or treating. Friendly reminders:

  • Please report any harassment, theft, threats, vandalism, or violence (implied or actual) to the police.

  • Please supervisor children, regardless of age. 

  • Carry flashlights, wear reflective gear, and stick to sidewalks.

  • Drive slowly, don't drive distracted, and keep headlights on at all times.

  • If you've never gone before, make sure to check out the Leesburg Kiwani's Parade on Halloween, starting at 6 p.m. along King Street. So many Exeter residents gather around by Union Cemetery. 

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